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Simple Application

We have made our loan application as simple as 5 minutes. There is no messy paperwork or long queue. We keep that fuss free for our customers in just 1-2-3 steps.

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Fast Approval

Everybody wants to know about the results of their loan application instantly. So, we work our best and aim to deliver results within 60 minutes as soon as we receive your application.

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Whenever, Wherever

We are 100% Online, you can apply 24/7 where ever you are and whenever you need quick cash. We have made it easy accessible even on your mobile. So, jump online now!

no hidden charge

No Hidden Charges

We ensure complete transparency about anything and everything. You don’t worry about a thing. There are no hidden charges. All the costs are explained beforehand. So, you can ease off.

same day loans

Same Day

We start processing the application immediately. Next step is to sign the contract online or electronically after approval and money is transferred to your bank account in few hours.

safety and security

Privacy First

We value our customer’s information. We place security and safety first. So, everything that is provided to the company is 100% secure.

fast instant small payday cash loans and medium quick cash loans

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personal payday cash loan

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fast instant small payday cash loans and medium quick cash loans

Customers Reviews

Extremely Professional

star star star star star
Materials are top notch. People are top notch... they knew exactly how to handle my ignorance and turn it to a positive working business…
Written by Mark P. on Oct. 21, 2018

Such Great Service!

star star star star star
I'm a big fan of this company. They really do the best work around, and their prices just can't be beat! I hear that owner is a pretty cool..
Written by Alex D. on Aug. 19, 2018

Best one in the field

star star star star star
Assists in meeting your requirement with their knowledge and experience. Im100% recommend them
Written by Lisa E. on Feb. 18, 2019

Absolutely professional

star star star star star
They are committed and hardworking. Highly recommend.…
Written by Peter P. on Jun. 1, 2018

Great Jobs!

star star star star star
They explained everything in detail. Helped me through every step of the process and made the whole procedure hassle free and quite easy. Extremely satisfied...
Written by Jack W. on Fed. 12, 2018

Very Friendly

star star star star star
The staff is very responsive. They understand the customer’s circumstances and they assist with the suitable one. 5 stars to them!
Written by Mia L. on Feb. 21, 2019


star star star star star
The whole team is amazing. They have knowledge about loans and direct you as per your needs. Professional and polite. We recommend them to my friends and family.…
Written by Leo P. on Dec. 12, 2018

I really like the work

star star star star star
I like this firm. They really do the best work around, and their prices just can't be beat! I hear that owner is a pretty cool..
Written by Ashley J. on Mar. 29, 2018

One of the best!

star star star star star
I highly recommend them. They understand the customer’s circumstances and are really patient
Written by Allen X. on Jan. 9, 2019
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over 18 years old

You might need to provide us photo ID either your passport, or Australian driver’s licence to apply for loan.

australian bank account

You must have a valid Australian bank account and we’ll need to see your bank statements of last three months.

regular income

You’ll need to show us your two most recent payslips or your personal tax return in case of self-employed person.

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We Are Here for You


When you need a fast or cash loan for unexpected costs, Due bills or even to plan a holiday, Think My cash online.

We offer flexible loans to all Australians who meet our standard and our primary aim is to fulfil your exigency. We provide short term loans ranging from 200-2000 over the period up to 12 months. Our processing turnaround time is short and is all online. Wherever you are, you can easily apply even from your mobile phone.

Our existing customers consider us as responsible and secure financier as our core objective is to provide best customer service. We provide both secured and unsecured personal loans and explain all the costs related to them beforehand to eliminate any fuss for our applicants.

To reduce your stress, our personal loan calculator on the top of the page can assist you to see the estimated repayment costs.

So, if you need or are looking to borrow funds instantly, you are at right place. Just to make sure we give you reminders for your due payment and all the other information related to your loan. You do not need to worry a bit as we keep your record updated and communicate it regularly.

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