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05 Oct
Getting Quick Cash from MyCashOnline

Getting Quick Cash from MyCashOnline

If you need cash quickly to solve a short-term financial problem, we could help you find a solution.

Even if you have bad credit or have made mistakes with managing your finances in the past, you may still be a good fit to take out a loan product through MyCashOnline.


1. When will I receive the money?

Speed is central to short-term and payday loans, so if your application is approved, then the money could be sent in minutes. If your bank account accepts faster payments, then you could even receive it the same day too.

It is worth noting that lenders have cut off times, so if you apply late at night then it may be that the money will not be sent until the following day, so if you need the cash asap it may be a good idea to apply as early in the day as possible

2. Will applying for a payday loan negatively affect my credit score?

The simple fact that you are applying for a short-term or payday loan, as opposed to a more mainstream loan with a lower APR, will not negatively impact your credit rating.

You should be aware that when you apply for a loan from MyCashOnline, we will need to complete a "hard" credit check before the loan can be approved and the cash can be sent to your account. This check can be seen on your credit file by other prospective credit providers and making multiple loan applications over a short period is likely to negatively impact your credit score.

But just the fact that your most recent application, whether approved or rejected, may have been to a payday lender shouldn't count against you.


If you are in need of quick cash for personal expenses, apply for quick cash with My Cash Online today.

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